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VEFI AS deliver Racks made from 9 mm Plywood for our 60 x 40 cm Plug Trays.

945011 Rack VP-244 : The standard Rack VP-244 is made for our Plug Trays VP-260, VP-160 and VP-96. On special order we can also deliver Rack VP-244 for VP-77.  VP-244 has room for 6 Trays and meassure 244 x 60 x 15 cm. Racks made in steel can be made after order.

The Racks can be used as germination Racks, cultivation Racks and for transport. VEFI can also deliver drawings for Rack VP-244.


945040 Steel Racks VP-130 :
These Racks are made for our Trays with dimention 526 x 316 mm, CC / Danish Trolley size. They can be used for our Plug Trays and System Trayst,  and have room for 4 Trays. The Racks are made from varm galvanized steel.
These Racks are only made after order.
Meassures : 131 x 54 x 22 cm.


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