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Bedding Plant

VEFI have some alternatives for production of Bedding Plants, Square Pots with System Trays, Multipack Module System and a range of Trays and Containers.

Square Pots with System Trays : VEFI deliver Square Pots in dimentions 6 - 7- 7,5 - 8 and 10 cm. Pots 7,5 - 8 and 10 cm with Cultivation- and Transport Trays. The Cultivation Trays can also be used without Pots.

Multipack Module System : To this system we deliver a 1 room container, a 4-pack,  6-pack, 8-pack and 2 10-pack units, some with Cultivation- and Transport Trays. The 10-pack units have special holes for Carrying Handels.

Containers and Heavy Duty Trays : Here we have a 1 room Container, a tray with 10 Containers(perforated) and 2 different size Universal Trays with or without Drainage Holes.



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